Cornhole Courses

The Mental Side of Cornhole

Introduce yourself to the mental side of cornhole by learning about goal setting, mindset traps, and gameplay mindset. Utilize what you learn to create your daily routine.

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Women's Cornhole Community Resources

This course helps the women of cornhole understand how to overcome the stereotype bias in the sport and approach the game from the feminine for maximum results. 

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Mental Tools Cornhole Players Need

This 45-minute training walks you through the various mental tools you'll need before, during, and after matches. It specifically focuses on the stress responses.

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Cornhole Bootcamp

This 30-day course walks you through daily practice routines to strengthen your mental toughness. ACL Pro Ryan Smith also gives you weekly practice routines to utilize that increase in pressure to prepare you for high-pressure situations.

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3 Steps For Getting Out of Your Head & Mastering The Mental Side of Cornhole

This in-depth course walks you through 3 steps to help you master the mental game of cornhole including getting out of your head and into your body, eliminating negative self-talk, and creating unwavering confidence.

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Wellness Courses

Heal Your Relationship with Food, Exercise, & Your Body

Just $5 to instantly access 3 incredible ebooks to heal your relationship with food, exercise, and your body! These workbooks will educate, inspire, and challenge you to connect with your body in a more empowering way.

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10-Day Detox

This 10-day program gives you 10 days of "Brain & Body Training". All you have to do is follow it. Each Day You Receive a Short Meditation To Do When You Wake Up, Mindful Eating Logs To Follow Throughout The Day, and a Short Yoga Practice For the Evening. 

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Mind Body Membership

The Mind-Body Membership gives you Michelle's body of work throughout the past 10+ years (minus the Lighten Up Program) to guide you through the process of connecting to your body and getting a deeper understanding of weight, food, and exercise. You will finally understand the mystery that is your body and how it interacts with what you eat, how you move, and how you live. 

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The Lighten Up Program

This weight loss course gives you a step-by-step program to follow for 60 days to lose weight. It specifically targets overeating, binge eating, lack of motivation, lack of consistency, and slow metabolism. Each day you'll be asked to either watch a video,  log information while you eat, and/or complete an exercise to support your body. By the end of the 60 days, you'll be lighter and free from weight and food struggles permanently.

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In-Person Training

Annual Women's Retreat

In the spring Michelle and ACL Pro Rosie Streker work with a small group of women in person to strengthen their cornhole game and improve their lives. This all-inclusive retreat allows ladies to connect with their bodies, their community, and the game of cornhole.

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