Cornhole Coaching with Cornhole Meesh 

Meesh does more than sideline report, commentate, and host podcasts. She helps all levels of cornhole players become more confident and consistent at the game they love most. 

What You Get

The Mental Game

Cornhole is a mental game once the mechanics are understood. Master the mind to stay focused & calm during matches.

Game Endurance

Mastering the body is key to endurance to make it through long tournaments and high-pressure games.

Confidence & Consistency

Unwavering confidence is a key ingredient to maintaining consistency across games for peak performance.

Cheynne Bubenheim, ACL Pro

"Meesh helped me overcome a big mental hurdle this season. With her help, I could be more in the physical moment and less in my head, especially in those big matches that meant the most. Through her help not only do I feel like I’ve become a better cornhole player but I feel like I could take what she taught me and use it in my everyday life. If you struggle with your mental game, participate in Meesh’s mindset training." 

What To Expect

Cornhole coaching helps you get to the root of what's causing you to be inconsistent in your game when you're putting in the time to practice and show up competitively. This is not about mastering mechanics, it's about mastering the mind and the body so you can consistently rely on automation to play at your ceiling when you step onto the court.

Michelle's extensive background in Psychology, Human Behavior, MindBody Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Personal Training, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Nervous System Regulation, and Cornhole creates the perfect environment for cornhole players to thrive.

Katie Matthews, ACL Pro

"A few months ago, I was not in a good place with this game and was wondering what in the hell am I doing? Do I belong? Can I compete? And this past weekend, something clicked a little differently. The hardwork and grind will continue and if anything, I will step it up a little bit more. Michelle Thompson has been the most helpful for me in getting my mind right, to just breathe and ENJOY THE MOMENT! Being so grateful for her would be an understatement and can't put into words how appreciative I am of her. ❤️." 

Ways to Work With Michelle

Doubles Cornhole Coaching

Calling all cornhole doubles partners... let's make you a stronger team that helps one another be the best player they can be. Doubles coaching will help you strengthen your partnership and manage your emotional states so you can both achieve peak performance.


Singles Cornhole Coaching

Want to work on your personal cornhole game? Learn how to tap into your "peak performance" zone intentionally and consistently through cornhole coaching. Recognize and remove triggers and find the barriers to shifting into your peak performance state.

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing Coaching comes after a singles or doublescornhole coaching package is completed. You receive 90 days of additional support. All sessions are recorded and accessible via the coaching portal. This allows you to continue meeting with Michelle after the initial 60-days is complete.

Ready to Master Your Cornhole Game?

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