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3 Steps For Getting Out of Your Head & Mastering The Mental Side of Cornhole

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Peak Performance Cornhole Coaching.

If you're a cornhole player who wants to play at their highest level coaching is for you.Ā Choose from individual, doubles, or group coaching. Group coaching comes through ACL Academy.

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And I've always loved being in front of a microphone...

As a kid it was singing, as a young adult it was podcasting & speaking, and now here I am coaching, commentating and interviewing.

I've spent the last 15+ years leading women to live amazing lives in their ideal bodies and now the cornhole world has called me in.

You can find me at ACL events calling games on ACL Cornhole TV, on the broadcast court sideline reporting for ESPN and CBS, and leading incredible humans through mindset transformations for peak performance and results.

And of course, throwing bags whenever I can in between.Ā I work with people individually, in partnerships, and in group coaching through ACL Academy.

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Tune in each week to join Meesh, Trey Ryder and Anthony Ayon as they discuss the current pros and events happening in the American Cornhole League