Why “New Year, New You” is B.S.

Jan 01, 2023

It's time for a new year, which means many campaigns boasting big promises and significant resolutions. 

I personally hate new year's resolutions. They always felt like a reminder of the things I wish I had the discipline to do the year before. And the pressure to make sure I made it happen this year.

The crazy thing is I am a bit obsessed with growth. So it’s not a lazy thing. I just hate the way it makes me feel. So I stopped doing them years ago.

But it definitely got me thinking about how humans operate at this time. And also what our needs are. And of course, how cornhole fits into all of it.

It’s also been a weird time where I keep hearing about suicide. I know, sorry for the downer in this new year. But I can’t help but sit back and wonder why this is happening so much. Especially to seemingly happy, successful people.

The times I have been the lowest and the darkest are when I am missing a few things. Turns out, they are actually human needs (and Tony Robbins did a freakin’ Ted talk on it).

  1. Certainty: We want to feel that our days are somewhat predictable in terms of our safety and security. Being unstable is not a good feeling.
  2. Change: At the same time, we like variety and change. We’re always changing so it’s best to embrace this as much as possible.
  3. Credential: We have to feel like we matter and are important to someone or something.
  4. Connection: I truly believe connection is the cure for everything. Humans have to feel connected to themselves and others.
  5. Challenge: This one is big for me, if I am not being challenged in some way I can easily slip into a dark place. I love growth and personal development.
  6. Contribution: We need to feel like we are contributing to the world in some way. Could be our family, friends, or something outside of our immediate circle.

I changed a few of the words because I love some alliteration but the idea is the same. So this year, instead of getting stuck on new years resolutions I invite you to focus on those 6 needs. I think if we are getting those needs met everything else falls into place.

I also think lacking some of those is what’s leading to some untimely deaths. Whether it’s something like suicide, stress, or other forms of dis-ease.

I have some ways to help with this…

For the ladies, I have a totally free support/accountability group for you. Check it out here. We meet once per month. I also have a ladies' cornhole retreat coming up in March which you can learn more about here.

If you don’t currently play cornhole and are lacking any of the above 6 things I highly recommend giving it a try. It checks all the boxes. It’s actually a bit magical how well it checks those boxes. I truly think it can create some massive change in the world. As crazy as that sounds.

I also have a cornhole Bootcamp that helps with mindset and performing better under pressure as well as an awesome program to help with the body, weight, and food

If you have any questions just hit reply and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Here’s to a great 2023!

~ Meesh