TheĀ Lighten Up Program

An entirely new way to think about weight loss

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TheĀ Course

This course is like no other health or weight loss course you've ever seen. It combines powerful tools to work with your body instead of against it for lasting results you can maintain.

Month OneĀ 

In month one you will learnĀ how we got into a dysfunctional place with food, exercise, and weight as a society. It's important to see the truth, beyond what the dieting industry wants you to know. Then you learn an entirely new way to approach the body that centers around the nervous system.

Month Two

In month two we introduce the innovative and effective ways we target food and exercise. This comes from a place of mindfulness instead of mindlessness. You'll also learn nervous system regulation tools to set up your body for optimal digestion and metabolism.

Month Three

Now that you have the tools it's time to create a plan. You will be walked through a process to create a sustainable plan that you can still implement even on your worst days. This guarantees you will stick with this long after this course is complete.

The Lighten Up Program Addresses The Overlooked Reasons Our Body Is Struggling

The lighten up program helps cultivate a relationship with food and exercise that you actually like. Meaning you eat and move in a way congruent with what truly works best for you automatically. It eliminates dieting rules to create space to actually connect with yourself and hear your voice over the next fad. Which simultaneously allows you to connect and be present with your body which gives your metabolism a fighting chance at being efficient.

It's Not For Everyone

  • You must want to live in freedom around weight, food, and exercise
  • You might be afraid of freedom or just not know how to trust yourself yet
  • You may be using control or manipulation but you don't like it and want to change it
  • It's a combination of heavily researched foundational theories and pure intuition
  • So it's not for people that want to grip tightly to typical weight loss beliefs and strategies

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