July Travel & Body Realizations

Jul 03, 2023

July is here and it’s definitely getting crazy. I am writing this from the Delta Sky Lounge in Detroit after the last national. This time, however, I am not going home as California is a long way to travel to have to turn around and come to Milwaukee just a couple of days later. So I am heading to the Connecticut coast to be with family for a few days before heading to Milwaukee. Then home for a few days and off to Canton, Ohio. That will take us into Worlds in Rock Hill, South Carolina which I will head to the last weekend in July and stay over a week.

As I was reflecting this morning I started to think about why I started playing Cornhole in the first place. It had been a while since something consumed me the way Cornhole did. I constantly wanted to play and couldn’t get enough. Reminded me of when I first learned how to play guitar. It was all I could think about. Time flies and you don’t care about the sacrifices, even if it’s sleep. Since working in the cornhole world I’ve lost some of that hunger to play because it’s now become my work too. So it’s been an interesting transition from loving playing to loving watching. And I think it’s time I find something that consumes me again that isn’t related to my profession.

This realization came because I found myself hyper-focusing on my body again. This is pretty normal in our culture. To pick apart our flaws and zero in on fixing ourselves. To believe that if we changed our bodies our lives would miraculously change too. I get it, life would be easier if I could pick any clothing item off the rack and have it look flawless. But obsessing over our bodies is a distraction at best. I say this because I am already effortlessly moving consistently, feeding myself food that makes me feel good, and participating in self-care regularly. And if you’re not doing those things, it’s best to start there before thinking about what else the body could need.

Most of my clients come to me for weight loss and what they really want is to participate in those healthy habits consistently. It just so happens that those healthy choices often lead to physical changes too. But the reason we’re doing them does matter. (If you need help with this I have courses for that. Click here and scroll down to “Wellness Courses”.) Courses start as little as $5.

And if you’re like me, and you are doing those things and the body isn’t budging or it’s getting heavier it can be easy to obsess over what you’re doing wrong, what you need to do, or worse, extreme fear it’s going to get worse or never change. So that is where I find myself. In this space of constantly thinking about what my body looks like. Which I know is a clear indication that I need to find something else to consume me in a positive way. To bring me back into living life fully instead of trying to look a certain way.

If you are cornhole obsessed, and you’re continuing to be consumed by it, enjoy it. And if you are focusing on your body ask yourself if you could let that go if you felt you were taking care of yourself in the ways that feel really good. Like exercising, prepping meals, etc. And is it possible that simply taking care of yourself, and letting soulful hobbies and fulfilling people consume you could be enough to have your ideal body and life?

I think it just might be.