Reasons We Overeat

Nov 15, 2023

One of the ways disconnection from the body can show up is through overeating. There are many reasons we overeat, here are some of them:


We skipped the head-phase of digestion. This is the part of our brain that gets to experience the meal along with the body. The body needs the nutrients and calories but our brains need the emotional experience. The joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, and the actual part of the day where we get to sit down and enjoy eating. If we skip this, we will be driven to search for it all day long.


We lack slow, relaxed eating and predictable rhythm. If we stress about eating, skip meals, or ignore hunger cues our body will not trust you and will not digest and metabolize properly. This leaves you hungry for more than carbs.


We are not allowing ourselves to eat all the macronutrients out of fear of gaining weight. This is typically carbs. Fat and Protein are sort of the heroes right now in our culture. But Carbs are depicted to be the enemy. If we cut them out we will eventually crave more of them. Plus, when we finally get around them, we are likely to over indulge.


We are eating low-quality food that isn’t satisfying. For me this was Lean Cuisines. I tried really hard to convince myself this was a satisfying and substantial meal. But it wasn’t. And it led to binge eating later in the evenings for me.