An Invitation To Those Ready To Live A More Peaceful Life

Aug 15, 2023

We’re living by a set of rules that leaves almost no room for the softer side of humans to exist. We’re in a constant state of action, constantly being focused and efficient.

No room to be. To breathe. To rest. To be compassionate towards ourselves. To give grace to ourselves. To be kind to ourselves.

Instead, we’re given a narrative to try harder. To effort more. To get more done. That every instance in our life that we don’t like needs to be attacked with more effort and attention.

There’s no space to check in with ourselves to see what we need. We’re told what we need. To do more. To be more. To push and force.

Worse off… we’re taught that this is the path to success.

If we’re not losing weight we are told to work out harder, diet better, be more regimented, and have stronger willpower.

If we aren’t hitting our achievements on the boards we tell ourselves we need to practice more. Put in more time. Throw more bags.

There are those that are trying desperately to succeed... Doing all the things… Busting their butts and growing tired. And stressed. And losing sight of why they started on their paths in the first place.

They typically draw satisfaction from their discipline without asking themselves if this truly makes them happy or if they are living in a lie of praised effort. Because telling someone you stuck to your diet and worked out for 3 hours will receive praise. And that feels good. Hitting the boards for 2 hours when you don’t want to makes you feel good. Because you didn’t give in.

Then there are those that are already burnt out. They can’t get themselves to do it anymore. They beat themselves up for not disciplining better. For not giving into the force. They aren’t taking action to get the results they want and silently hate themselves for it. And wish every day they could be more disciplined and regimented.

What if you could accomplish more with less? What if you drew all that satisfaction not for overriding your desires but honoring your needs? What if you moved out of the constant forceful pursuit of everything you want and into the receiving nature of the world we live in?

For almost 15 years I have told people that there is another way to approach life. And we’re all scared. We’re scared to take our foot off the gas because we think hitting the brakes means we hit the brakes forever.

We’re afraid if we are soft, gentle, and nurturing with ourselves we will lose our drive and ambition.

We believe in tough love as the best strategy to get shit done. And we praise our sacrifice of treating ourselves this way until the goal is obtained. And so does everyone around us.

Except me. I praise your ability to be kind. And slow. And soft.

To honor your deepest needs.

To go against the grain and give the middle finger to the set of rules we all unconsciously agreed to live by.

To say my body is my business and nobody else's. And I treat it kindly for me and only me. And if it changes physically as a result, great, and if it doesn’t it isn’t a concern for anyone. Even medical professionals. (And yes, there is research to support how little your weight has to do with your health).

To let the people across the boards from me have their experience and allow them to take responsibility for their feelings instead of loading them on me. To know with certainty that I always do the best I can and if that isn’t good enough for someone else it’s not my problem. And if it’s not good enough for me I trust I will create the space in my life to assess where I might require more growth. Instead of jumping to conclusions about what I need to do.

To live this life drastically differently and thrive as a result.

What I got as a result of living this way:

  • A loving and supportive husband
  • A healthy body that I effortlessly take care of without force
  • Consistent habits that serve me and my dreams without force
  • My dream job
  • A peaceful home life with an elementary school-age child

Nothing in my life is perfect. But it certainly feels a lot more peaceful than when I subscribed to the rules I was given previously.

If you’re ready to live a life that requires a lot less effort with a ton more results I’d love to have you on this journey with me. Shoot me a message and we can chat about the options to support you on this change. I'd love to be a part of it with you.

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