Cornhole Peak Performance

cornhole mindset Sep 30, 2022

Let’s discuss a little secret in your cornhole game (and life)...

It’s called Letting Go. I know, I know... just stick with me here.

We create resistance and tension when we try to control everything (and every bag).

As you can imagine, this will not help us get what we want.

The more we want something the more it builds pressure. Peaking under pressure is not an area most people thrive consistently. It's why you hear people complain about not being consistent in cornhole regularly.

Here's how it works:

You decide you want something (to become better at cornhole)

So you create a plan (practice an hour per day)

The more you practice, the more you want it. And the more skilled you become (hopefully).

You get to the tournament and you're fired up.

You've been practicing for months for this! You're feeling confident and strong.

And then it happens... it's different for every person but we all have it.

A trigger.

Maybe it's the person you've never beat... or there's a crowd forming... or it's that blocker bag in the spot you land... or someone shouts "don't worry he sucks at pushes". 

And when that trigger happens you feel the shift. You might try to pretend it's not happening or talk yourself out of it. But it's there.

And here is the mistake most people make:

They double down.

Double down on the pressure. Controlling the bag. Controlling the outcome. Controlling the audience's feelings about them. 

They give it all the meaning in the world.  As if this bag, this round, this game is everything and has to go right because you've been practicing for hours and that would mean all that practice was for nothing and that you suck and that you'll never be good and that maybe you should quit...

Sound familiar?

Instead, I invite you to try stating what you want and then letting it go to the cornhole gods.

Do the opposite of doubling down. Do less. Pull back. Breathe more. Try telling yourself things like"

"Well it's out of my hands now, I have to simply trust my body can do this" or

"Well I guess I have to hand it over to the cornhole gods and hope for the best!"

I know it sounds silly but I promise it works! Not just for better results but for less heightened emotional reactions as well. 

We have to relax the body and let it do what you trained it to do.

If it doesn't work... you'll learn from it. But it works a lot better then building pressure.

Try it out!

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