The Best Question for Cornhole Mastery

cornhole mindset Sep 30, 2022

Often times people ask how questions like “How can I get my bag in the hole more consistently?”

This is not a helpful question because it’s the body that does this work. So once you’ve taught the body what to do you end up at a dead end as to what to do next.

Instead, ask WHAT. And direct this question to your body.

What can I do to help my body perform best?

What can I do to support my body in today's tournament?

What can I do daily to help my body be at its best?

These questions will lead you to the answers you’re looking for to be more consistent at cornhole.

You'll notice answers may be "practice this way", "get good sleep" or "meditate"

These are the types of answers that can drastically improve your cornhole game.

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