Ready For A 30-Day Cornhole Bootcamp?

  • Are you spending many hours playing cornhole and feel you're not seeing the consistent improvement you'd like for all your hard work?
  • Are you working on mechanics only without working on the mental side of cornhole?
  • Are you seeing better results in your practice sessions then out in competitive play when it counts?
  • Do you want a chance to win awesome prizes and compete with your peers in a fun and creative way?
  • This 30-day bootcamp will give you daily tasks for 30-days with focused & strategic tasks for maximum results
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Your Cornhole Bootcamp Coaches

Ryan Smith

Ryan is an ACL pro and top athlete with multiple top 50 finishes and broadcast appearances on EPSN and CBS. 

Michelle Hastie Thompson

Michelle is a human behavior/psychology expert & cornhole personality using her passion for understanding humans at a deep level to help cornhole players achieve their best results on and off the courts.

This 30-day bootcamp will walk you through a 4-week process to help you become more consistent. It's best for:

  • Competitive, Advanced, and Pro Players
  • Cornhole players that are putting in the hours and just haven’t reached their potential 
  • Players that have the mechanics down at home and need those mechanics to play out consistently 
  • Players that frequently feel highly emotional or describe themselves as “just too competitive”
  • And players that have a “love/hate” relationship with the game and sometimes want to quit due to lack of consistency

Start a strategic and effective daily practice. Here's the process:

You will receive daily mechanics and mindset practices to follow. The practice will take around 30 minutes and the mindset practices take around 5-10 minutes. So you'll need around 45 minutes per day.

At the end of the 30 days you will have both your mechanical & mindset practice routine. You will also have access to all the recordings for 90 days.

Week 1: Fundamentals & Reflection

You will start off with an assessment of both the mental and physical side of your game to get a baseline. You will have strategic practice routines coupled with some reflective exercises to get your head in the right space.

Week 2: Mental Performance Techniques & Adding Pressure

It's time to add in some pressure. Research shows the best way to guarantee peak performance is to practice under pressure. Your mindset practices will challenge you during your practice routines to build mental toughness.

Week 3: Mindfulness Techniques & Increasing Pressure

The pressure will build in week three to prepare for higher pressure situations and the concept of mindfulness and meditation will be introduced to strengthen your mind-body connection for optimal play when it matters most.

Week 4: Maximum Mindfulness & Pressure

Week four will have the most amount of pressure and mental toughness training. This week will prepare you for situations when you feel the nerves and need to play your absolute best. You will also build your daily practice for continued growth.

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