Ready To UpLevel Your Cornhole Game?

Every cornhole player starts off mastering basic mechanics but it doesn't take long to realize this game quickly switches from physical to mental. So how do we master this?

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  • Do you ever feel like one moment you’re great at cornhole and then next moment you’re just okay?
  • And you’ve put in the time to get better through practice, blind draws, tournaments, etc…

  • But no matter how much you practice you just can’t seem to get to that next level of consistency and elite play?

There is actually a very specific reason this is happening…

Once we have our mechanics down the game becomes mental not physical. It’s easy to see progress in the beginning when we are learning how to throw because the game is purely physical. 

We thrive during this time because mastering something physical isn’t new. We’ve played other sports or had jobs where we see the direct result of our efforts reflected in our outcome. But once the game turns mental most of us do not have a blueprint for how to navigate this.

We just know that we get stuck in our heads, our emotions take over, and we miss shots we shouldn’t. 

So… how do we fix this?

We have to add a mental practice into our weekly routine

And while throwing more bags is great for nailing down muscle memory, it will never help us master the mental side of the game. And the truth is we need both.

We need automation we can rely on that comes with reps… 

AND we need a strong mental game to stay in our bodies & out of our heads so that we can utilize that automation we worked so hard for.

3 Steps to Getting Out of Your Head & Mastering The Mental Side of Cornhole

Getting Out Of The Head

We have to practice being present in our bodies (especially when things get hard and uncomfortable). 

This is totally different than operating out of the head where there is no automation and everything is efforted and exhausting.

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

We have to notice our self-talk and eliminate what’s not helpful. 

This is totally different than trying to distract ourselves with crutches (like alcohol or headphones) because we are actually altering the language that plays when we play.

Unwavering Confidence

We have to build a foundation of confidence that doesn’t waver.

This is different than confidence that comes from practice and wins which will constantly waver based on circumstances.

Mastering These 3 Steps is Crucial For Leveling Up Your Cornhole Game

This online self-paced course will walk you through these 3 steps so that you can master the mental side of cornhole. Here's what you get:

  •  Module One: Why a Mental Game for Cornhole
  •  Module Two: Mastering Being in The Body (and Out of the Head)
  •  Module Three: Reversing Negative Self-Talk
  •  Module Four: Creating Unwavering Confidence
  •  Module Five: Create Your Weekly Routine

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